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Warrantied work on your systems

A lot goes into keeping your vehicle running properly, including its complex heating and cooling system.


At ARA Automotive, heating and cooling is our specialty! Bring your vehicle to us for reliable radiator and air conditioning repairs.


Whether you need your blower motors fixed or belts and hoses replaced, you can count on our experienced team. All of our parts and labor come with a warranty.


Professional flushes done by hand

When you need a thorough cleaning for your system, look no further than the professionals at ARA Automotive.


We flush your system by hand and not machine to make sure you get a good backflush to remove the gunk.


Call 517-394-7150 to schedule an appointment or come visit us at 3712 S. Cedar St.

Total Auto Heating and Cooling Care

Specialists in keeping your car from overheating

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